About Me

I'm a pretty straight forward guy.

I work hard and I play hard (my lower back would say that I sometimes play too hard!). I try to lead a balanced life and I suppose you could consider "everything in moderation" my main theme.

I try to be a good husband and father, and I hope that my wife and kids agree with me! I'm a very hands-on Dad and I'm extremely proud of my kids. I try to be a good person and we try to teach them to be good people, and everything works out fine.

I believe in treating others as you want them to treat you, and I firmly believe that people who are jerks will eventually get what's coming to them in life.

I like to try new things and believe that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to. I learned a musical instrument on my own and got good enough to play in a band for many years. I taught myself photography. I even learned how to build my own house, and did it! I suppose another motto that suits me would be "Just do it"!

For more information on other things that I like, you can view my complete Blogger profile.

Now that my kids are a little older, we're doing many great things together and we share many fun adventures. I would like to help them discover who they are. You can't exactly do that kind of thing when they're babies, so fun times are ahead!

I'm also making a lot more time for my photography lately, which is a major goal of mine over these coming few years. I'm organizing my images, keywording them, creating portfolios, and trying to shoot as often as I can to learn more and get better.

I enjoy all types of photography, but I primarily focus on family, nature, and "things". The category of "things" can really be anything that catches my attention that I think is cool/unusual and that I think other people might also find interesting.

I am not a commercial photographer (yet), so I mostly photograph to please myself. Photography is a great hobby that gives me a good creative outlet and let's me play with a new toy once in a while (like my new Canon 7D)! We all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

I've been shooting pretty steadily for about fifteen years. As a photographer, I think I've developed a fairly good eye at this point and I have a firm handle on the compositional styles that please me most of the time. I'm always trying to improve my photographic abilities, and my focus at this point in time is on mastering exposure and simplifying my compositions to make them more effective.

My biggest photography "claim to fame" to date is that I had a photo published in the annual Reader's Digest 12-month desktop calendar. This calendar is printed and distributed to all subscribers of Reader's Digest, so at some point in that month of that year, my photo was seen by something like 10,000,000 people. Pretty astounding!

And the journey continues...