Photo Carousel

My "Photo Carousel" feature is new to this blog.  It's my answer to the "Photo A Week" and "Photo 365" projects that you see so often on the Internet.  I wanted to do something a little bit different...

You can access this feature of my blog by clicking "Photo Carousel" under My Topics on the left side of the site.  That will take you to all of the photos in this series.

The way Photo Carousel will work is that I'll occasionally grab an image that I've recently taken and put it up on this blog.  I'll add an explanation of what goals I was trying to achieve with the photo, how, why, and a little bit of technical information about how the photo was taken.  I'll also make some general comments about light, composition, exposure, and other creative aspects of photography.

Through this process, I hope to communicate important tidbits of shooting knowledge that I've accumulated over the years and hopefully get some interesting feedback and dialog going with other people about the photos. 

Photo Carousel is not necessarily about always presenting startlingly original or "perfect" images.  It's simply about presenting what I think are some of my interesting photos and explaining the thought process behind them to communicate and exchange ideas about composition, light, etc.

I hope people find this interesting...If you have something to say about the photos, please comment!  Thanks!