Saturday, August 29, 2009

100 Things

Well, it's been a fun (but wet!) summer. I'm getting back to preparing some posts for this site because I haven't done much writing this summer. I've been out and about with the family traveling, taking pictures, and having fun.

I don't often link to other articles on this site, but I might do some more of that because I've been reading some stuff lately that has been useful, amusing, or just worth reading for some reason.

I found this link interesting, funny, true, and worth a read. It's called "100 Things I've Learned About Photography" on the Digital Photography School web site. As I read through the list, I found myself saying "Yes.....Yes.....Yes" to many of the items and realized that I've had many of the same experiences and thoughts. Maybe you have too! Check it out...


  1. Funny link John. I've never seen the DPS site. Now that I have I'll be there often. Many great tips!

  2. you should get back to posting some more of your photo technique articles also. i read your auto-everything article from a long time ago and have been checking back for more material like it.

  3. Hello to the second poster....Yes, I will get back to posting the follow-ups to that initial set of photo articles that I started. Time is short and there's much to write so I just haven't gotten to it. Thanks for checking back. More to come soon!