Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I wanted to pass along word about a great application that I've been using lately called Zinio.

Zinio is an e-reader application for electronic magazines and books.  I used this application many years ago and it was just in its infancy then so it left some things to be desired.  However, the newest version is great!  Fully featured, flexible, and easy to use.

Chances are that if you read a magazine, it's probably offered in electronic version on Zinio at or below what you pay for the paper version.  The benefit of Zinio, of course, is that it's digital and it's cross-platform.  You can build a nice digital library with no use of physical space, it's fully searchable, etc.  You can zoom in on your content for a better look, email content, bookmark, etc.  The magazines are the exact same versions you get on the newsstand.  They are not stripped of anything, like you'll find with some other e-readers that strip content to make it fit their device.

There are versions of Zinio for the iPhone and iPad, Windows computers, and Android devices.  It's a great evolution for this application.

Give it a try!  You might find yourself reading and enjoying your magazines and books on your laptop, iPhone, iPad or other device more than you ever did with the paper versions.

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