Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easily build your own Photoshop panel with your most often used commands

If you're like me, when you open a photo for basic editing in Photoshop, you probably use mostly the same commands every time....over and over.  Select, crop, dodge, burn, levels, curves, brush, image size, red eye fix, unsharp mask, etc.  You probably also go into the menus or use keyboard shortcuts to access these commands...every time.

Your editing life can be a lot easier.  Simply use the free Adobe Configurator tool located at this link to create your own custom panel that can sit in your Photoshop workspace, and put all of your most often used commands in the panel so you can access them with one simple click.

There's a lot of power to doing this.  First, you save time by not repeatedly going into menus (some of which are several levels deep).  Second, you can build a pseudo-workflow into the panel simply by putting the commands in the order you typically use them.  Third, any command or action can be included in these panels, saving you the time of clicking into other default Photoshop panels in the workspace.

To give you an idea of what this looks like, I put my main photo editing panel that I created to the left side of this post.  You can see that I have some commonly used tools at the top of the panel, and I also included buttons for the commands that I use most often from the menus when I edit for some purpose (i.e., web, prints, etc).

It's great.  It's free.  It's so easy to do it!  Give it a try and you'll be spending less time hunting around menus and more time getting your editing done.


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