Saturday, April 9, 2011

Video for perfect pushups and plank exercises

I'm not big on working out (i.e., lifting weights, core exercises, etc).  It bores me.  I prefer to get my exercise from walking on the treadmill, riding my bike, hiking, or playing basketball.  This year I'm taking up tennis and may try golf again.  These types of things are what I call "active exercise".

Doing "active exercise" has kept me in good shape over the years, but a while back I hurt my back and I had to adjust the way that I do some things.  After I was better, the back doctor told me that since I'm a tall and thin guy, I should do some core and chest/shoulder exercises to take some of the load off my back when doing normal activities.  I thought one thing:  Boring....

But today I saw the video at this link that contains time proven methods for doing pushups and planks the proper way for maximum benefit.  In addition, the video recommends minor tweaks to the form of the exercises to target specific muscle groups while still doing the same basic motions.

It's worth a few minutes to check it out to get some more well-rounded exercise into your routine.  I plan to start doing these types of exercises to add a little variety to what I'm doing and see if it helps out my back.


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