Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ian Plant - Dreamscapes

I read a great article in Outdoor Photographer today called "Dreamscapes" about the photographer Ian Plant.

There are two quotes in the article that really resonated with me about what he's trying to achieve with his photography:

1) "I strive to create images that move beyond the literal, transforming subjects into something unexpected for the viewer by rendering the familiar in an unfamiliar way".

2) "Artists should impose their vision on the scene, not the other way around. I’m always looking for ways to create an image, rather than just record one".

Great thoughts! Particularly the one about "creating" instead of just "recording". This is precisely what I was getting at in my post on this site called Active Photography.

This guy has a great portfolio. Check out his web site.


  1. it's good that outdoor photog now posts most current articles on their site because they didn't used to do that. great portfolio. the guy is really good.

  2. I agree. His technique shows a really unique style and are very well executed. I saw on his web site that he also hosts workshops.


  3. Ian also hosts a good photo blog with detailed entries. He tells a nice story behind the photos that adds a good sense of place. RSS it.