Saturday, November 7, 2009

Harold Davis

One of the great things about pursuing a hobby on the Internet is the capability to get great exposure to what you like quickly. In my pursuit of photography, I've easily found several hundred great web sites and I follow several dozen of them on a regular basis.

One of those sites is, and there's a set of articles on there now by Harold Davis about "Becoming a More Creative Photographer". He has written many photography technique books over the years, and this great series of articles on is something that I encourage people to read if you're looking to improve your photography or if you're already a seasoned shooter but just need a jump start out of a rut.

The good thing about these articles is that each one of them has assignments at various points within that "lesson" that serve to drive home the points that Davis is making. They're simple, fun, and make you think. You might be surprised by the results of the exercises when you do them. Well worth a read!

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