Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow tubing!

We've been getting some good snow up this way the past two weeks that's created some great winter fun! You're never too old to slide down a hill and have some good laughs...

First, we went up to the Hunter Mountain snow tubing park (this link has a good picture of what they look like). If you've never gone snow tubing, it's a blast! You get pulled by a rope-tow to the top of a large hill where there are "lanes" for you to select from. Pick a lane, jump on your tube, and away you go! You pick up some serious speed on the way down, so much so that they aim you up a hill at the end of the lane to slow you down. Here's a short video that I took while I was actually going down the hill (I passed Nicole on the way down in the next lane over from me).

We got some more snow last night, so we broke out our own snow tubes for another round of slipping and sliding in the back yard today. Great fun! Below is a small video of the action, including Janice almost taking out both kids!

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