Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Canon 7D kicks serious ass!

I've been using my new Canon 7D for a few weeks now. I've given most of the features a good workout and I can surely say that this camera kicks some serious ass.

Having worked my way through several Canon DSLR's over the years, I've always felt that there were things that Canon could have done better. The 7D is finally the one high quality camera that I've always been waiting for to fit all of my needs in one device. Well worth the money!

I've customized the camera for my shooting style and found that it frees me from fumbling with settings and buttons to get to the features I want. It allows me to shoot and have fun, get optimal images straight out of the camera, and not have to spend time screwing around with its many settings and options.

More specifically, the auto focus system is excellent. I mentioned the AF improvements in my previous post, but now that I've given them a good workout in all kinds of static and dynamic situations, I can see the genius of this system. Great!

Check out this quick video on the 7D's versatile auto focus system.

This post is about supplemental material available on the web to help people learn more about the 7D, what it can do, and how to get under the covers to make it work for you. These web sites go beyond the material in the official 7D Manual and present it in a more user-friendly way.

Here goes...

Canon Digital Learning Center - Shooter's Insight: EOS 7D, featuring David Stoecklein
All of the 'Episodes' on this site are worth watching, but also spend some time going through the 'Product Tour' in the navigation. Nicely presented information that shows what a powerhouse the 7D is.

Canon Digital Learning Center - EOS Digital - 7D
The Canon Tips, Product Info, and Tutorial sections are the tabs to pay attention to here. There are many videos about the 7D and its functions, and also helpful articles like "Harnessing the Power of the EOS 7D’s Video System". Unfortunately, and strangely, this information is also mixed in with generic photographic articles like "How to Take Pictures of Holiday Lights", but it's worth going through the list to find the info about the 7D and its features.

I hope you find this additional 7D information useful. I'll update this post as I find new things.

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