Monday, April 26, 2010

Canon AI Servo AF Custom Function & ISO Speed Settings Guide

These days, DSLR cameras are getting so complex that the manuals that come with them can't possibly do full justice to exploring the deep capabilities of these cameras. They tell you what the functions are and what they do, but don't necessarily have the space to provide real world examples of when and how to use some of the more complex features.

The newest Canon auto focus systems are a perfect example of this. The new AF systems on the 1D Mark IV and 7D are fantastic, but they are also so complex that you could probably write 50 pages just on this one feature of the camera alone....which is just what Canon did!

In order to expand on their manuals and help photographers get the most from their cameras, Canon often publishes supplementary white papers that provide a wealth of knowledge on the given topic.

Although this guide, the Canon AI Servo AF Custom Function & ISO Speed Settings Guide is written for the 1D Mark IV, almost all of it is also applicable to the 7D. If you own a 7D, you'll know which parts don't apply to you.

I hope you get as much out of reading this helpful guide as I did. After reading it, I changed a few AF custom function settings on my 7D and was instantly able to capture better action pictures at my son's soccer matches.

Since these guides are often hard to find on the Canon USA and Canon Europe web sites, I'll post those that I find helpful here on my blog in the future.

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  1. John. Good post. I agree that Canon buries this info on their web site but a careful look at the CPS web site will reveal a lot too. Post more if you find them.